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Scott RAYMOND Cooper 


Coop is the driving force that allows the band to perform many artist that others are unable to do.  His range is one that is gifted and produces a stage presence where everyone becomes involved.  Coop is a RI native with over 30yrs in the music business.  Some of his projects: Stormbringer (Deep Purple Tribute), Vinyl, Rat Salad (Black Sabbath Tribute), One Wild Night (Bon Jovi Tribute), Fat Angus (AC/DC Tribute), Bad Boys (Whitesnake Tribute).  He as well opened up for National Artist. Extreme, Molly Hatchet, Brittany Fox, and Enough Z Nuff.  Coop has also performed on the theatre stage as Judas Iscariot in Jesus Christ Superstar.  No matter what the venue is, you can be assured that every note will be captured at every event.

Brian Johnson 


Brian Johnson comes from the music city of Boston Ma.  He brings over 30yrs of experience in the music field throughout New England.  He has played in one of Boston's top cover acts, Dawghouse for 15yrs, and recently has performed in Iron Maidens Tribute band, "Maiden New England".  He is well known for his top notch playing ability and showmanship.  Be assured, Brian is a main focus point on what all BITD members strive for........


TJ Nowicki 


T.J. is a seasoned keyboardist since the age of 6.  Influenced in Jazz and Classical at a very young age, TJ began performing professionally since the age of 16.  He has performed with many popular acts such as: BRAT, Chaser, Billy and the Kids, 911, and Back2Back.  For the past 18 years, his main style has been in R&B and Funk.  Growing up and being influenced from the likes of Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, and Steve Walsh, he now is looking forward to returning back to his roots of the R&R era.  Along with his versitile playing, his vocal capabilities is a major compliment to the band.

Amos Sanfilippo 


Amos is a seasoned veteran for well over 40 years.  He has perfromed throughout his career in England, California, and throughout New England.  Amos has toured steadily with us around the world with Norwegian Cruise Lines and Royal Carribean.  His stage presence, guitar playing, and vocal capability takes the band to another level and we are to grateful to have him onboard....

Tom Walason

tom 5.jpg

Tom is a 30+++++ year veteran in the music scene in the New England Area.  Performing over the years with bands like Touch, Trendkill(Touring Pantara Tribute Band), Diver Down, and now with Back in the Day.  Rock is his main music playing, but performs all variety when needed.  Stage presence is one that will see how he is such an entertaining Bassist along with his playing ability

Nico Sanfilippo 


Nicco is a young seasoned and schooled drummer who hails from NYC where he attended college for music.  He is the son of guitarist Amos Sanfilippo and has toured with him in a Van Halen Project throughout the east coast.  Since 2019, Nicco has travelled with BITD throughout the world on NCL and Royal Caribbean Ships. His drumming abilities is what drives the band weather in the theatre or any venue on the ships.  Nicco also steps in at a moments notice locally to perform at any venue.

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